Sunday School Adult Learning Seminars

The Adult Sunday Learning Center meets weekly in the Church Sanctuary from 9:30 to 10:25 am. Students of all ages from college to retired gather to study the Scriptures. It is open to all who wish to know more about God’s Word, whether they are believers or not, attenders of Metropolitan or not. Currently, the Adult class is studying the Outline Introduction to the Law in the Old & New Testament written by Pastor Chris. Through an overview of the biblical teaching on the Law, an in-depth presentation on each of the Ten Commandments, and the New Testament outlook on the purpose and practice of the Law, this study points out the freedom we have in Christ to live the Law in a new and freeing way.

Led by Pastor Chris, the class is interactive, with questions welcomed. The attendees receive their own workbooks, have the opportunity for self-study during the week through elective home study assignments, and participate in class through the reading of Scripture and open forum discussions. Often a second class is held for the adults from one of our CLASS series. Due to the limitation of space, it is difficult to have multiple classes running at the same time, but those who attend the Adult Class enjoy the larger class size.