Sunday School Adult Learning Seminars

The Adult Sunday Learning Center meets weekly in the Church Sanctuary from 9:30 to 10:25 am. Students of all ages from college to retired gather to study the Scriptures. It is open to all who wish to know more about God's Word, whether they are believers or not, attenders of Metropolitan or not. Currently, the Adult class is beginning a series based on the book by Norman L. Geisler and Frank Turek, "I Don't have enough Faith to Be an Atheist." This book challenges the idea that modern science is fact and Christianity is blind faith. Their discussion reveals the Emperor's (modern atheism) New Clothes are imaginary. This class is free and open to the public.

Led by Elder Massimo Esposito, the class is interactive, with questions welcomed. Regular attendees receive their own cop so they can study during the week through and participate in class through the reading of Scripture and open forum discussions. 

Often an elective class is held for the adults from one of our CLASS series (see the CLASS Seminars information). All adult classes are designed to equip the saints for ministry and provide a foundation for a strong faith.