Baby Dedication

Children are a gift from God, the Psalmist wrote. This is true in many ways for God is their Creator, giver of life, and sustainer. He has ordained the family they would be born into, and He calls on all parents to commit themselves to loving Him and training up their children through tender love and godly example to love Him as well. At Metropolitan, parents are given the opportunity to pledge their commitment before the Lord and their Church family to raise up their child in the Lord through a baby dedication service.

Some may not be familiar with a dedication service. Let me take a moment to describe it. Christians know that God is the ultimate Designer of all children, having fashioned each one uniquely according to His eternal purpose. In the act of dedication, they bring their child before God’s throne as an acknowledgement that God is to be glorified in all things, including the raising of children.

They come before the church because God has said that by our relationship to Jesus Christ, we belong to the family of God. In keeping with the profound fellowship we share as the family of God, those parents identify with this congregation as their spiritual family. Therefore, the church fellowship has a responsibility to assist them in creating a passionate pursuit of God’s glory in their child as they train him/her in the ways of the Lord.

Metropolitan, as a local fellowship where God is actively worshiped, counts those families, including their children, as part of our family. With great joy, we witness the dedication of the parents who commit their child to the Lord. As their spiritual family, we dedicate ourselves to the profound task of caring for that child with the same concern and love we extend to our physical family.