Beginner Sunday Learning Center

This year’s Beginners class consists of lessons from the Gospel Project, a three year examination from Creation to Christ of the main theme of the Bible, God’s Glory Revealed Through Jesus Christ. Our kids start the class with prayer where they learn to praise and thank God. This is followed by snack time as the kids learn to share and serve one another. We then proceed to review last week’s lesson before moving on to the new lesson. Throughout the lesson, children engage in interactive lessons augmented with music and videos, along with arts & craft activities related to the story, and conclude the lesson by playing games in which they review the material they have learned.

The Beginner Sunday Learning Center class meets every Sunday from 9:30 am to 10:45 am. This class is ideal for children age’s four to seven as it incorporates a range of hands on activities, which help reinforce what they have learned about Christ. During the class, children listen to the Bible, are taught about the Bible lesson, and then have the opportunity to draw, paint, act and/or recreate a part of the story using Legos and puppets. The purpose of the class is to enhance children’s understanding about our Lord Jesus Christ in a way that is fun and engaging. During special Holidays such as Thanksgiving, the last 15 minutes of the class are designated to completing a special project. For example, last year the children had the opportunity to write on a ceramic tile something they would like to thank God for. They then decorated and kept the tile which they could hang anywhere in their house. These activities during the Holidays help to reinforce that our Lord is present at all times and give children a visual reminder, which they have created.