Children's Church

Children’s Church meets every Sunday from 11:00 to 12:30 following Metro Praise Kids. It’s focus is to teach children about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Children learn how to passionately pursue God’s Glory through worship, bible readings, and activities surrounding the bible reading. When children first enter the room, they are greeted and welcomed into the class. Then they are asked to read a memory verse that applies to the lesson that they are about to participate in. Once the children are familiar with the memory verse and understand what it means, they sit down and are involved in prayer and fellowship. At this time, the leader of the Children’s Church ministry shows their students the importance of prayer and praying with others. Students are also given the opportunity to pray at this time. Once prayer and fellowship are over, the students are read the Bible reading for the day. As the Bible lesson is being read, students are asked questions to deepen their understanding of the Bible reading. When the Bible story is over, students then participate in an art activity or game to show what they learned throughout the day. Finally, the Children’s Church ministry ends in a worship song and a closing prayer..