Discipleship at MBC

When Jesus Christ had risen from the dead and met with His Apostles for 40 days, He prepared to leave them to ascend into heaven. Just before He rose into the sky, according to the Gospel of Matthew, He left them with final instructions to go into the world and make disciples. At Metropolitan, we believe that the Church has a great responsibility to make disciples by enthusiastically sharing the Good News concerning Jesus Christ and teaching them to obey all that our Lord commanded.

Discipleship is more than sharing with people the truth about Jesus Christ. When people hear the truth and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and surrender to Him as Lord, they will willingly identify themselves as a follower of Christ through Baptism. Having identified themselves as followers of Jesus Christ, they will also desire to live for Him. Understanding what the Lord desires of those who follow Him comes through the teaching ministry of the Church.

We invite you to join us in this journey of study through the many opportunities offered at Metropolitan for the glory of God.