Life Group at MBC

Life Groups at MBC provide an informal gathering for individuals to engage with the Word of God in a small group setting, while maintaining a mentoring relationship throughout the week. Designed for individuals 21 and older, Life Groups are specialized mentoring groups for building disciples through one on one and small group mentoring. Meeting each Sunday at 3 pm, the mentors and mentees cover Biblical material reviewed during the week, enjoy healthy fellowship through prayer and sharing, and encourage one another in the faith.

Invitations to Life Groups are given personally by the mentors, who commit to continual follow up and relationship building during the week. Those who accept the invitation sign a Covenant for a six month commitment to participating in the group, being faithful in attending, and in following through with the studies. While it may seem difficult to make such a commitment, these individuals soon find that their mentors love them and truly care about them as people and as believers.

The Life Group meetings last about an hour and a half, but the relationships go on throughout the week. Deep friendships produce lasting fruit in the life of both the mentors and the mentees. At the end of the six month commitment, the mentees may choose to continue as a student, or if strong enough, they may become a mentor for the next generation of mentees, thus providing the continuation that the Apostle Paul directed Timothy to do in training others to train even more.