April 4, 2021

Resurrection Victory

Pastor Chris Gardner

Romans 6:1-11

God's regenerating life frees His people from the power of sin and death.

Christians are not mostly dead in Christ, nor mostly alive. We are declared dead in baptism, dedicated in Christ to God and delivered through Christ from death. We are then dependent on Christ for new life, we deliberate on Christ for our holy lives and are destined in Christ for eternal life. So we ask, have you been baptized or just sprinkled or dunked in water? Can you show the evidence of the reality of the resurrection power of Christ Jesus in you?

Sunday School: April 4, 2021

Romans 15


Elder Julius Lopez

God's redemptive will and power is demonstrated in the text of scripture by his deliverence of Israel from the slavery and bandage of Egypt and more supremely in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.