The MetCafe

The MetCafe is open Sundays after the morning service. The Café is a free fellowship with food of various kinds from delicious desserts to mouth-watering meals. This fellowship time that occurs most Sundays after the morning service has much more than coffee.

The food provided might be fruit, pasta, candy, pastries, cakes, cookies, salads and other good things. You never know what will be on display, but you can be assured it was prepared with love. Drinks include, yes - coffee, but also hot water for tea or for kids (and adults) there is hot chocolate. Cold drinks are available in wide variety as well.

This is a great time to interact with those with whom you did not get to speak during the service time. It is not unusual for discussion groups to occur spontaneously about the sermon or some other topic of spiritual importance. Other conversations may revolve around activities or families, but always in an edifying way that builds up each person.