Visiting Mission Team

Metropolitan loves to welcome mission teams interested in ministering to the urban life of south Brooklyn. Metropolitan is located just off the main junctions of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn’s commercial area in a highly diverse residential neighborhood. God has placed this congregation here where less than 1 percent are evangelical Christians. Mission teams make it possible to impact this community with the love and power of the Gospel.

Mission teams from all across the south, Midwest, and northeast have joined with Metropolitan over the past nine years in the great work of Christian ministry. Teams vary in their mission focus including evangelism outreach, literature distribution, Vacation Bible School, prayer walking, community service projects, mowing the local cemetery, construction, painting, park outreach, musical concerts, and more.

Metropolitan has hosted teams of various sizes from 8 to 100 during that time. Junior High, Senior High, college, and adult teams have graced our ministry. What a joy to see brothers and sisters in Christ coming together to reach some of the least evangelized parts of North America. We are excited about speaking with mission teams looking to do ministry in Brooklyn at any time of the year. Simply contact Pastor Chris for further details.