Metropolitant New Revival Church

God has called Metropolitan New Revival Church to be a hope for South Asians in the greater New York area especially focusing on one of New York City’s toughest boroughs, Brooklyn. We strongly emphasize the preached word – it is at the core of every thing we do. We work very hard at encouraging relationships with others beyond the superficial.

As a Church we meet for a corporate worship service every Sunday from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.

The MNRC congregation is a majority of South Asian people from India and Pakistan, our main Sunday service is in the Urdu and Hindi Languages. Every Wednesday we meet for intercessory prayers at the Pastor’s House. We have dedicated Tuesday and Friday for Home Group Discipleship Bible Studies. Saturday is most of the time emphasized for outreach prayer meetings.

JESUS told His disciples to “go make disciples of all nations”. That is our mission-to help people find Jesus Christ.

Our Core Values: We put God’s word at the center. We don’t pretend to have figured everything out, but we see Biblical narratives as a source to understand life. This includes our relationship with God, our relationship to each other, our purpose and our destiny. We are Missional people. We intentionally partner with other Churches and Christian groups in order to fulfill Christ’s Commission to make disciples everywhere – in Brooklyn New York and throughout the world.

We believe that the message about Jesus Christ is timeless, but the method to effectively convey the message varies according to culture. We try our best to communicate accurately and convincingly to convey God’s truth and beauty in English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi languages