Pre-Service Prayer Ministry

To seek to lead the people of God in worship without being undergirded with prayer would be the height of presumption. At Metropolitan, each Sunday morning before the Worship Service begins, two prayer groups gather at 10:45 AM to uphold the church, its, leaders, and the worship service in prayer. These powerful prayer times strengthen those who participate and set an atmosphere of reliance upon our eternal God for the blessing of the service.

These two groups are open to all who wish to attend. We encourage church members to share in this enriching ministry which will improve your own prayer life, while helping share the burden of ministry with those leading the service. Many who attend have come with little previous experience in corporate praying and have learned the blessings and benefits of praying together with others. 

To participate in this prayer ministry, any individual, no matter what age, is welcome. The prayer groups meet in the two offices to the right and left of the main entrance to the Sanctuary at 10:45 AM.