Rightnow Media

The Online Christian Learning Center

Right Now Media is a Christian online learning center that could be characterized as a “Netflix for the church”. It is loaded with a huge library containing thousands of online video sessions given by respected leaders, teachers and pastors.

RightNow Media, with its extensive teaching, learning videos, audios, articles and blogs is certain to engage and meet the needs of even the most inquiring and questioning mind. RightNow Media has served and is used in over 10,000 churches each year. And our church here at MBC has been an active subscriber of RightNow Media for years, meaning that every member has the privilege to freely access it and use all of its contents anytime and anywhere. If you have not had the opportunity to join yet, all you will need to do is to request and receive a pin number access code from rightnow.org and you will have access to all of the materials in its enormous media center and then be able to watch it from the luxury of your home if you choose to do so.

The mission of RightNow Media is to encourage and disciple Christians so that they will “live like Jesus in their homes, at work, in their neighborhoods, and throughout the world.” Are you ready? Join today, and be enriched as millions of other Christians have already done.