Metropolitan Sunday Evening Seminars

Metropolitan’s Sunday Seminars meet weekly at 2 pm and 6 pm most Sundays. These small group seminars cover a host of different types of studies for the growing Christian. Apologetics, biblical book studies, ministry preparation, our CLASS series, and much more form the core topics offered over the past few years. Currently, the Sunday seminars feature a study by Albert Mohler on the Lord’s Prayer for the 2 PM time slot. This excellent study is an eye-opening understanding, not only of the model prayer which Jesus taught the disciples, but a powerful expression of the wonder and value of prayer for the lives of all Christians.

The 6 PM time slot features an interesting study by Tommy Nelson entitled Ecclesiastes: A Life Well Lived. Looking at each chapter of the book of Ecclesiastes, Tommy Nelson takes the approach that in spite of the fact that the writer shows life without the Covenant is meaningless, the ideas of the writer can have meaning if put in the context of Biblical truths.

Coming in December 2018 will be special events for the advent season. Sunday, December 2 at 6 pm is the annual Hanging of the Greens service. An interactive service that reveals the power of the Gospel through the decoration of the sanctuary and church properties. This is a service where everyone who is willing will have a part in beautifying the church facility while glorifying God for His glorious salvation in the incarnation of Jesus Christ.

Sunday at 6 pm on December 9, a movie for the whole family will remind us of the wonder of Christmas, the power of transformed lives, and the Hope we have in Jesus Christ.

Our Jesus Birthday Party will be joined with an All Church Birthday party in which we will celebrate everyone’s birthday through decorations representing the 12 months of the year as a reminder that the birth of Jesus Christ was as normal as the birth of any baby, yet was so powerfully different in the wonder of God becoming flesh and dwelling among us.

Christmas Eve, Monday, December 24 at 7:30 pm, Metropolitan will host a Carol Sing and worship service honoring the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through the traditional Christmas carols and contemporary music, as well as other celebratory activities, we will worship our wonderful Savior.
Look for a whole new approach to Sunday nights beginning in 2019!