Sunday School Learning Centers

The word “school” tends to turn off the contemporary generation, but it shouldn’t. Our Learning Centers are just that centers for learning the truths of God’s revealed Word. Beginning with children from four years old all the way through to the senior adults, the Sunday Learning Centers provide training in the Scriptures and preparation for life. 

The Beginner Class teaches Children from 4 years old through Second Grade how to pray, love God and His Word, and love one another. The Middler Class reaches the middle ages from fourth through eighth grades with the foundational truths they need to face a changing culture in America. The Teen Class targets the real life issues of those high school students by grounding them in New Testament Christianity.

Everyone is welcome to attend, no matter your church background, if you have a hunger to learn Gods truth and live for His glory.

Beginners Learning Center

This year’s Beginners class consists of scriptures from the Old Testament in the curriculum “Old Testament Stories for Young Children” from Desiring God Ministries by Sally Michael. Our kids start the class by doing a prayer where they praise and thank God. This is followed by snack time in which the kids are taught to share and serve one another. We then proceed to review last weeks lesson before moving on to the new lesson. Throughout the lesson children engage in arts & craft activities related to the story and conclude the lesson by playing games in which they review the material they have learned.

The Beginner Sunday Learning Center class meets every Sunday from 9:30am to 10:45am. This class is ideal for children age’s four to seven as it incorporates a range of hands on activities, which help reinforce what they have learned about Christ. During the class children listen to a Bible story and then have the opportunity to draw, paint, act and/or recreate a part of the story using Legos and puppets. The purpose of the class is to enhance children’s understanding about our Lord Jesus Christ in a way that is fun and engaging. During special Holidays such as Thanksgiving, the last 15 minutes of the class are designated to completing a special project. For example, this year the children will have the opportunity to write on a ceramic tile something they would like to thank God for. They will then decorate and keep the tile which they can hang anywhere in their house. These activities during the Holidays help to reinforce that our Lord is present at all times and give children a visual reminder, which they have created. 

Sunday School Adult Learning Center

The Adult Sunday Learning Center meets weekly in the Church Sanctuary from 9:30 to 10:25 am. Students of all ages from college to retired gather to study the Scriptures. It is open to all who wish to know more about God’s Word, whether they are believers or not, attenders of Metropolitan or not. Currently, the Adult class is in the midst of a New Testament Survey course written by Pastor Chris. Each book of the New Testament is examined for its purpose, the genre, the date and historical background, and its key points of theology and practice.

Led by Pastor Chris, the class is interactive, with questions welcomed. The attendees receive their own workbook, have the opportunity for self-study during the week through elective home study assignments, and participate in class through the reading of Scripture and open forum discussions. Often a second class is held for the adults from one of our CLASS series. Due to the limitation of space, it is difficult to have multiple classes running at the same time, but those who attend the Adult Class enjoy the larger class size.

Teen Sunday Learning Center

Young adults who are 14 years old and all the way to college age are invited to sit and participate as God’s glory is researched and revealed through the careful study of His Word. This weekly class begins at 9:30 AM on Sunday and is geared to inspire young adults in the wonder and the application of God’s Word in their every-day life. The aim is to impact the attendees in such a way that they will think differently, act differently, and live differently to the glory and honor of their King.

The curriculum is firmly grounded in the Word of God, and lessons are expounded from the syllabus of the Gospel Project. The attendees are also encouraged to bring in questions in order to biblically regard areas and situations that they may be experiencing in their lives.

We as Christians live in a world that is not our resting place. And we are prayerfully hopeful that as we are sanctified by the power of His Spirit and through the application and strength of His Word, God will be able to bring forth His message of hope through us and through young adults for generations to come.

Middler Sunday School Class

Young people in grades 3 through 6 have an excellent chance to understand the grandeur of God’s world and work by attending the Middler Sunday School at 9:30 am each week. Through interactive Bible study, students receive and understanding of the grand scheme of God’s eternal purpose in Christ. Christian Education may sound like school, but the goal of the Middler class is to develop young disciples who love the Lord, gain an excitement about knowing God, and become solidly grounded to face the anti-Christian world where they live. The Middler class is currently using a wonderful study called “Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ” produced by New Tribes Mission to train disciples. Students enjoy review games, activities to reinforce the strong biblical lessons, and learn to study the Bible itself.