Wanting answers to life? Looking for purpose and meaning? At Metropolitan, we seek to be relevant, while remaining faithful to the historic Christian faith. We have entered an era when church attendance and participation has become unfashionable. Skepticism is on the rise. We are okay with that for two reasons. On the one hand, Christianity has ceased to be a cultural movement. Those who come tend to have a desire to seek the truth. That means that the church must have answers to meet the increasingly questioning community.

On the other hand, we recognize that skepticism has many roots. Some challenge the uniqueness of the Church’s message, others find the Church out of touch with their culture, and still others have experienced hurt or hypocrisy from Christians in their past. At MBC, we address those issues directly.

Through the establishing of three ethnic and language based congregations led by ethnic pastors and leaders, MBC has sought to stay relevant as the community transitions. Chinese, South Asian, and other ethnicities have replaced the formerly Italian neighborhood of Bensonhurst, so our three congregations offer services in English, Mandarin/Fujianeses, and Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi.

Through regular training and discipleship ministries, the MBC family raises and answers issues our culture struggles with daily. Skeptics are welcomed and encouraged to raise pertinent questions for we know that faith is not a leap in the dark, but a forward movement based on solid facts and historical events.

The issue of hypocrisy has plagued the Church since the first century. The Church has never claimed to be perfect, but that does not excuse behavior that demeans the name of Jesus Christ. One cannot reject truth simply because those purporting to hold that truth fail. Nor should those within the church excuse their sinful behavior. At MBC, we challenge God’s people to live in a way that reflects the glory of God.

So, unless you are perfect or expecting perfection, we welcome you at MBC and pray that God will make Himself known to you through our ministries.