Worship Team

From the earliest times of the assembly of God’s people, music has been an integral part of the corporate worship experience. Miriam led the women is a song of celebration over the defeat of Pharaoh and his army. Deborah composed a song when the Canaanite king Sisera was destroyed. King David organized choirs, wrote songs, and played instruments as he helped lead the Israelites to worship the Lord. 150 of the Hebrew songs have come to us in the Psalms. The Apostle Paul wrote to the Ephesians and Colossians exhorting them to sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. At MBC, the Worship Team is responsible for organizing the music ministry to enhance the preaching and the prayers during the corporate services.

The Purpose of the Worship Team is to serve as leaders of the congregation by example, teaching, and worship expressed in music and prayer. The music sung grows out of the personal and corporate relationship each member has with the eternal God, through the Lord Jesus Christ, to whom all praise, honor, and glory belongs. As each member passionately pursues the glory of God, he or she must purpose to sing every song as though singing before the throne of God.

At MBC, we do blended worship music, which means a blend of contemporary and traditional. We desire that for the majority of weeks, at least one older hymn, whether done traditionally or contemporized, be part of the schedule. This is not done to cater to any group of people but to remind us that we are tied organically to the Church of all ages. Our songs also are selective for far too often music, both old and new, lacks solid biblical foundations. As with all parts of corporate worship, we want God’s Word to guide what we say and sing.