Youth Challenge

Youth Challenge, which meets from September to June, is designed for teens from 7th to 12th grade. Meeting every Friday from 7:30-9:30 pm on Zoom, Youth Challenge challenges the young people to love God and live for Him every day. For the Zoom call-in information, please contact the Metropolitan office at 718-236-1197. While the youth have fun and food at every meeting, the purpose of this ministry is to spread the good news about Jesus Christ to our youth.

The meetings are at Metropolitan Baptist Church located at 1624 84th Street, Brooklyn, New York, except on special occasions. These 7th to 12th graders enjoy the open discussions about issues they face and the solid biblical responses from the staff. The Word of God is a central part of the bi-weekly meetings, while practical applications enable the young people to engage their faith with their lives.

Each year a book of the Bible is chosen for the Bible study with the teens. After the Bible study, food is provided (what teen doesn’t like to eat?). Playing games of different types (example: Spoons, Uno, Blurt, et al) help the students learn about team work or competition from a Christian perspective. During the year, when a special movie comes along in theaters, we take the young people, then discuss the implications of the film. 

Sometime we may meet at Mrs. Antonietta’s home who provides a dinner or at Ms. Barbara’s when they make pizza. Whatever special treat comes along the teens are notified and parents need to give permission. We create a safe environment where they can meet. If a teen gives his/her life to Christ, the staff comes alongside of them to help them grow in their faith. Those who have not yet given their hearts to the Lord will consistently hear the good news about Jesus Christ and let them feel welcomed in our ministry